Sunday, May 08, 2005

Buena Vista Social Club, 古巴暮色

Buena Vista Social Club, 看上去不像一个乐队的名字, 他们应该也不能算是一个乐队, 也许说是一个project更合适, 总之, 这一群古巴老头, 远离舞台已久的一群歌手乐手, 被Ry Cooder找来以Buena Vista Social Club为名出了一张专辑. 同时还推出了一部电影, 可惜还无缘看到. 专辑的内页中对每首歌都有很详细的介绍, 其中有段话让人动容, "...but in recent years Ruben had virtually given up playing due to arthritis and no longer has a piano at home. He was the first at the studio every morning waiting for the doors to be unlocked and once inside he would rush to the piano and play. His excitement was visible as his beautiful touch returned."
其实很少会有拉丁歌手会让我觉得声音很"好"的, 这个"好"是用一般大家评说歌声时的准则来看的, 比如高音要多有力, 中音要如何厚实. 在听这些古巴,巴西的歌手唱歌的时候, 我只是会赞叹, 怎么可以随意到这种程度. 只能说, 那种节奏感已经渗入他们的骨髓了吧.


Blogger tyang said...

That's the very first spanish CD I have. It's really great.

Strongly recomend the documentary movie with the same name. Very touching.

3:26 AM


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