Friday, April 22, 2005

Me'Shell NdegéOcello, 黑色瀑布

在一个列举了很多female vocal专辑的amazon list里面看到了Me'Shell NdegéOcello的bitter, 封面的色彩挺喜欢的, 就从图书馆弄来了她的几张CD, 先拿到的是 Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape, 一听就傻眼, 什么时候hip-pop也算到vocal里面去了. 听到Bitter总算放下了心. 虽然唱的不是vocal专辑中常见的轻爵士情歌, 不过舒缓的旋律和用了不少弦乐的编曲调出了她天生浑厚的声音中的味道. 这张专辑据说是在她的一段苦恋的背景下制作的, 也可说是别具"苦"味吧. 其中一首歌让我特别留意, May This Be Love, 中间的间奏让我莫名想起末代皇帝的配乐来, 有点西方中乐的味道. 查了一下居然是翻的Jimi Handrix的歌, 有机会找来对比一下.

最后来解释一下这个题目. 黑色, 因为她是黑人; 瀑布, 因为May This Be Love中多次出现waterfall. 因此, 这是个毫无意义的题目, 只是想到以后还有很多篇可能叫无题, 于是用之(尽管她几乎没有头发).

May This Be Love
( Jimi Hendrix )

Nothing can harm me at all
My worries seem so very small
With my waterfall

I can see
My rainbow calling me
Through the misty breeze
Of my waterfall

Some people say
Day-dreamings for all the, huh,
Lazy minded fools
With nothin' else to do
So let them laugh, laugh at me
So just as long as I have you
Just as long as I have you

Don't ever change your ways
Fall with me for a million days
Oh, my waterfall


Blogger anonymouth said...

waterfall, a sudden unsupported drop in a stream. It is formed when the stream course is interrupted as when a stream passes over a layer of harder rock—often igneous—to an area of softer and therefore more easily eroded rock; the edge of a cliff or plateau; or the edge of a hanging valley formed under glacial conditions (see glacial periods). Normally, as a stream grows older, the waterfall, by undercutting and erosion of the waterfall edge and stream bed above the fall, moves upstream and loses height until it eventually becomes a series of rapids and finally disappears. Waterfalls are often a source of waterpower for cities such as the string of cities in the United States that grew up along the waterfall line where streams from the Appalachians descend suddenly to the coastal plain and early textile and flour mills used power from waterfalls. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world's highest waterfall.

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